An Adventure
is only an
rightly considered.

--G. K. Chesterton

Seeking adventure?  Look no further!  The year is 1913: the place, Europe.  McCracken, inventor, engineer, big-game hunter and faithful Catholic, tells the stories of his adventures in a NEW series of novels made for everyone who loves adventure--but especially for boys.

McCracken and the Lost Island is an adventure beneath the waves and atop a hidden land. The team assembles: Ariadne Bell, communications expert; Nicola Jaubert, deep sea diver; Vasili Sikorsky, airship pilot; and "Mac," McCracken, inventor and engineer. Together they find the lost island--but will its secrets prove too dangerous for a world at the edge of war?
Want to know MORE about Mac? Ari? Jaubert? Sikorsky?  Just click on their names.  On their pages, you can learn all about them and their favorite things.

NOW AVAILABLE, Book 2 of the McCracken Chronicles, McCracken and the Lost Valley takes you far into the mountains of the East, in search of the fabled kingdom of Prester John.  Can McCracken's old teacher Father Jamie help them find the Lost Valley, or will the Turks get there first?


The McCracken books are written by Mark Adderley, Ph.D.  They originated as winter evening read-alouds, designed for the entertainment of the whole family, but
especially 13-year-old Will and 9-year-old Nick (the real-life Vasili and Nicolas).  McCracken owes his faith, and the Catholicity of his whole world, to the concern that Will and Nick had for him; they wanted to be certain that Mac was a faithful Catholic.

And so he is, and all his colleagues too, as we realized first, that adventure is an integral part of our faith; and second, that there are all too few good, exciting books for boys that feature Catholic heroes and heroines (excluding saints’ stories, of course).  Like McCracken himself, we hope to fix that.  Please send us your feedback here, so that we'll know if we're getting it right.

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