The McCracken Books

The McCracken Books

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If you weren’t aware of McCracken, you should know that he’s been described as “Indiana Jones with a Rosary.”  Engineer, adventurer, big-game hunter, defeater of nefarious villains . . . and of course husband and father.

The McCracken Adventures take place in the early years of the twentieth century, when many of the philosophies that formed the modern imagination were taking shape.  Consequently, McCracken's adversaries are representatives of the Culture of Death.  What is the Catholic response to nihilism, communism, eugenics and many others?  McCracken provides young readers with a guide through the minefield of twentieth-century thought.

But the focus is on adventure.  So come along and dodge the bullets, flee from the Cossacks and head-hunters, jump out of zeppelins, dive to the ocean floor and soar above the clouds in a biplane, because life is an adventure!

About the Author:

Like the famous Cat, Mark Adderley was born in Cheshire, England.  His early influences included C. S. Lewis and adventure books of various kinds, and his teacher once wrote on his report card, “He should go in for being an author,” advice that stuck with him. 

He studied for some years at the University of Wales, where he became interested in medieval literature, particularly the legend of King Arthur.  But it was in graduate school that he met a clever and beautiful American woman, whom he moved to the United States to marry. 

He has been teaching writing and literature in America ever since, and now lives in South Dakota with his wife, two of his four children, a dog, two cats, and a parrot.  He is the author of a number of novels about King Arthur for adults, and originally wrote the McCracken books for his younger two children.