The McCracken Books

McCracken and the Lost Lady

April 1917.  Overhearing by chance a conversation between communist revolutionaries, McCracken and his team are catapulted into a breath-taking series of adventures in Germany, Switzerland, and Russia.  Hear the rattle of machine-guns in aerial combat, fly on the airship as they pursue nefarious villains, elude sword-wielding Cossack horsemen, and finally descend into the darkened pit of death to rescue the elusive Lost Lady . . .

The Place: Imperial Russia on the Eve of Revolution
   In 1917, Russia had been at war for three years, and casualties had been appalling.

   Stirred up by the Communist revolutionary Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, the Russian people rose against the Czar, or emperor, Nicholas II and deposed him.

   The revolution took Russia out of World War I and established Holy Russia as the world's first Communist state.

The Villain: Vladimir Ilyich Lenin
Born 1870, Russia; died 1924.
Following the founder of Communism, Karl Marx, Lenin encouraged violent revolution in order to establish and spread Communism to the world.

Praise for McCracken and the Lost Lady:

“Readers will enjoy the suspense and adventure that follows McCracken as he travels the world with his wife and toddler plus a fascinating crew from all over the world.  . . . The perfect historical fiction to accompany a discussion of the historical context of the Blessed Mother’s message at Fatima” (Barb Szyszkiewicz,

“With fast-paced adventure, heart-stopping excitement, and a bunch of lovable sidekicks to help him along the way, McCracken is a character that boys will look up to, admire, and actually be inspired by” (Susan Peek, author of The King’s Prey: Saint Dymphna of Ireland and Saint Magnus: The Last Viking).

“McCracken, a faith-driven hero who, at times, must set aside his quest in order attend Sunday Mass” (John Michels, Colorado Technical University).

“One of those rare finds that engages young readers . . . a great adventure story with a Catholic flavor” (M. Kohlmann, Goodreads)


The villains in McCracken and the Lost Lady are Communists; in Russia  in 1917, these were sometimes also called Bolsheviks, which means "the majority."  Communism is an economic system, first described by Karl Marx in the nineteenth century, in which all property is owned by the government and the people are paid according to their abilities and needs.

   In 1917, the Bolshevik Revolution led to the establishment of a Communist Government in Russia, which then became known as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics until 1991.  Other Communist governments were established, also by violent revolution, in China, Cambodia, Cuba, and a number of African and South American countries.

   Communism is by definition in favour of violent revolution; by definition, it is a contract between a government and an individual and therefore inherently opposed to the family.  And as a materialist ideology, it is also deeply opposed to religion of any kind.